Does it cost to use internet on Samsung Galaxy?

Question by puregenius: Does it cost to use internet on Samsung Galaxy?
I got a Samsung Galaxy Mini recently and want to know if it costs to use internet. My credit seemed to go down really quickly.

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Answer by Moe
If you want to use free internet you can simply use the WIFI on the phone, this way you don’t need to buy any data plans.


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  1. If you’re using 3G/4G, you’re using your phone’s internet connection, which will cost you a certain amount per kilobyte on most pay-as-you-go phones, or take away from minutes in a data plan which you’re paying a flat fee per month (on contract phones). Either way, it’s going to cost you something.

    The noly way to not use data on a phone is to use it from another source- your home wifi or a free wifi that allows public connections.

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