Q&A: How much would a 4GB SD card hold?

Question by Cindee Luna: How much would a 4GB SD card hold?
I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and I got a 2GB Micro SD card with it and it’s running out pretty quickly, so I want to know how much a 4GB one would hold, as in photos, music, and apps. If I got a 4GB one, I would have to move apps over, like Messenger, Opera Mini, Instagram, Skype and loads of music and photos and I want Sims Freeplay too. So, I need a good estimate. Thanks :)

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Not sure but good luck!

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  1. Only around 1800 photos Or 650 MP3 files (128kbps). Now if you’ll be installing apps then those might take a lot of space, especially those HD Games. Aim for a 16/32GB class 6+ card.
    In short it won’t hold much if you’re a multimedia user & avid gamer

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